Hello friends and fellow riders. Most everyone knows spring is a time for renewing and this one is no exception.

For Seahorse Haven, spring started with the arrival of the first flowers in the forest. What a truly wonderful sight!!!

The violets and redbud were the first to bloom, followed by the wild phlox, which has been spectacular this year and smells just wonderful, and then the Carolina jasmine.

This year we had some unexpected visitors, snowbirds. No, not birds that fly, the ones that flee from the north to warmer climates.

Two wonderful couples stopped by, one from Joplin, Missouri, the other from somewhere in Wisconsin.

Mike and Donna stayed for a couple of weeks, camping out in their trailer and taking turns riding the three horses they brought with them. They even found trails I did not know about, imagine that!!

Ed and Mary were not able to stay for so long but had a good ride or so. I think they all plan to come back next year, maybe bringing friends with them.

Finding and riding new trails continues, though with everything in bloom and the trees leafing out, more trails for this year is nearing an end. They are much harder to find with all the vegetation. We do have several new ones though.

The first big event is April 28th-29th, the "Hog Scramble" endurance ride. It's time to get signed up!

Go to and follow the prompts for current rides, central region.

Those of you who have looked all through the Seahorse web-site will know that I also dabble with painting, a passion I don't have much time for at present. However, I have some friends who are very successful artists and a handful of these wonderful folks will be at the endurance ride. Look out for them taking loads of pictures, maybe even doing some sketches, see if they have work that would suit you.

For those of you not willing or able to compete in the endurance ride, the Southwest Paso Fino Horse Association is hosting an all-breed ride on May 19th. Please call Terry Gallion at (936)441-0357 for details. The farm has also been approached about a benefit ride, but I don't know at this writing how it will work out.

Meanwhile, we have been busy on the farm and now have some covered shelters and very smart permanent pens for your convenience, and for the safety of your equine buddies.

We are also mulling over the possibility of putting in some showers, probably the outdoor variety. Anyone who would like to weigh in on this issue and offer an opinion is welcome to do so by e-mailing me at

This is a truly wonderful time to be out in the forest riding. The new ferns provide this glorious green carpet, it is just enchanting.

Come ride and enjoy.


Page Updated 04/2007

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