January 2010

It is hard to realize another year has gone by, let alone another decade. Just think, 10 years ago we were all wondering if our computers were going to crash. What a silly notion was that!!!

Thankfully, I am able to report that things at Seahorse-Haven have remained on an even keel, in terms of maintenance and running of the farm and the health of the animals. How blessed we are that horses, dog and the cat ‘Polish’ – as in ‘spit and polish’ – are all in good nick.

There are two major events to report.

The first is about the forest service and their inner workings. I expect a lot of you already know that the ‘Hog Scramble’ endurance ride will not take place at the farm this year. The forest service in this area has been pulled in line with state mandate, and until permanent equine trails are established in the forest, no organized, for profit, groups will get permits to ride in the forest. The good news is, a core group of people are working diligently to make this happen. It will be a fairly lengthy process but well worthwhile. The other good news is, it does not affect anyone who wants to come to the farm and ride out, or anyone wanting to ride elsewhere in the forest.

The second thing to report is Seahorse-Haven will be hosting a benefit for on May 1st. Please, mark your calendars and plan to attend this event. We already have several demonstrations lined up and should soon have the vendors signed. Speed games are in the works, a place for you to sell horses and tack will also be available. Please keep checking back with and Sundance Therapies, so you can view updates to the progress. And, visit the Sundance website to learn about their program.

Other news.

Over the past year I have become acquainted with Dr. Patricia Brown DVM PhD EDO, diploma in international osteopathy.

Having had some unusual problems with one or two of my horses, the first thing to do was call my regular vet. When there were no answers from that source, and nothing amiss could be found with my horse/s, I turned elsewhere. Although Dr. Brown is trained in conventional western medicine she has elected to practice, as she terms it, ‘integrative’ veterinary medicine. So, one of my horses lost his big forward trot. No lameness, no other problems that I could feel or tell, but where had that trot gone?? Turns out he had a rib out of place. When that was adjusted, voila!!, the trot was back.

There have been several other incidents where I have sought Dr. Brown’s opinion. Acupuncture is another discipline Dr. Brown practices. She will be giving a demonstration at the benefit May 1st. Truly, it is worthwhile.

Come ride and enjoy.


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