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Seahorse Enterprises has the pleasure of presenting as public service a series of articles by the Riding Instructor Ulli Berner. (The material is copyrighted.)

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Training Nuggets for Beginner Riders©

The scope of this series of articles is the introduction into the basic elements of balanced-seat riding for riders who aspire to involve themselves with dressage. Each article addresses a question and tries to lead the young riders to an understanding of the issue and subsequently help them to master the task.

The topics of the articles were selected to cover questions that almost never were addressed in standard manuals of riding instruction which tell what to do, rarely how to do it and why.

This series is not a well organized training manual for horse back riding, but rather an answer to questions that I hear so often in class and at show.

Ulli Berner

The Bunhouse Boys of Fort BisonNewly released: The Bunkhouse Boys of Fort Bison by U.H. Berner

This is the totally fictitious tale of several teenagers who were bound by their mutual interest in horses and achievement at school. It is the tale of their lives from February 1979 to November 1979. They live in the small city of Catvile, population 9,500, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, which the reader will find on the road atlas as Boise City, population 1,500.

Available online at major book selling web sites or order a copy from your local bookstore using ISBN# 1-4134-7984-7 for hardcover and ISBN# 1-4134-7983-9 for soft cover.

I Laugh and My Heart is BreakingI Laugh and My Heart is Breaking by U.H. Berner

Lisa, a young woman, digs into a dusty box that was retrieved from the attic and finds a treasure trove of manuscripts and letters.

Fascinated, she obtains the permission from her Godfather Henry, a retired teacher and writer, to read, select and eventually publish her find.

ISBN-10: 0595294448

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