About Ulli...

A German native, Ulli's formative years were spent on a 3000 acre farm, with all the attendant animals and chores, including 24 pairs of working horses. He was introduced to horses inutero and eventually became a successful horse master.

Ulli arrived in the U.S. -- conencidentally almost at the same time Fiona did -- with a Fulbright Scholarship in literature, to teach at university. Soon finding he missed the outdoor life with horses, he moved to Minnesota and ran a full service boarding and training barn with 40 horses and 80 students.

Ulli on horseback.Years later he moved to Texas and opened another eventing barn in Magnolia. All this time he had been writing -- academic articles, poetry and novels. As the barn in Magnolia got underway, Ulli wrote many articles for Dressage and CT magazine.

In the early 1990's Ulli and Fiona teamed up, married and together ran another eventing barn. Ulli took on all of the students and Fiona the horses.

Ulli still found time to write. More recently he's published 3 books, has a major novel -- about teenagers and their adventures with horses -- at bookstores now and a book of short stories about the relationships of horses and their owners, at the publishers. The book's illustrations were created by... you guessed it... Fiona.


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